Join Our Team

Nature of the business...

The Fire Service in Nova Scotia has come a long way since the early days of bucket brigades and horse drawn steam pumpers. It has become one of the most diverse and challenging professions known today. Imagine learning and developing skills to cope with situations ranging from structure fires, medical assistance calls, hazardous chemical spills and more. Consider the challenge of helping people at all hours of the day and night, seven days a week, in any kind of weather and very often under highly stressful and emotionally challenging conditions. However, the personal rewards and self satisfaction that comes from being a part of this team is often beyond description.

Why join the Fire Service?

There are a wide range of benefits available to volunteer firefighters such as a sense of belonging, achievement, responsibility, self respect, personal growth, development, self satisfaction, contribution to the department, creation of friendships, camaraderie, socializing, feeling valued, being a role model, having fun and enjoying one's environment. There are opportunities to help your community, build on your resume, license plates, life insurance, training, leadership opportunities, uniforms & clothing, tax credit, banquets and medals.

Who we are looking for...

We are looking for men & women who are over the age of 18 and have lived in our district for at least six months.

We are looking for individuals who are seeking a challenge in their lives and are willing to put in the hard work and time to see the fruition of the efforts.

We are looking for community minded individuals who demonstrate integrity and ownership, individuals who are able to work well as a team and towards a common goal.

What you can expect...

This is a lifestyle change... For you AND your family...

The first two years can be the hardest to finish, a lot of time is dedicated to training during this time, which often means time away from your family. However, we can assure you that once your basic firefighter training is complete, while there will still be commitments, it will become easier.

As you develop as a firefighter in the fire service you also find you have not only joined an organization, but an extended family. You will form friendships and relationships within this department and among neighbouring departments and first responders.

You will find your family will become involved in the department over time and they too will become part of the extended family of the fire service.

What we expect of you...

The Fire Service, even though volunteer, is an organization like no other as a certain level of service is expected which can only be achieved through training and dedication. It is our department policy that new firefighters are to complete their Firefighter Level 1 Training (completely paid for by the department) within their first two years of becoming a member. Even if you do not wish to be an interior firefighter, Basic Firefighter Training is important to all who may operate on a fire ground as it provides an understanding of the complex nature of our job. Firefighter Level 1 is a challenging course comprised of 180 hours of theory and practical training which takes place over 8 months, with a summer break. This does not include homework and study time.

Additional Expectations

    • Attend meetings

    • Attend apparatus checks

    • Attend in-house training

    • Attend extracurricular training

    • Attend fundraisers

    • Attend other extracurricular events

    • Clean and maintain the station and equipment in it