Engine 11

Purchased used in 2010, this 2002 Emergency-One Cyclone II was originally Engine 101 with the Arlington County (VA) Fire Department. Purchased after 9/11, this truck was one of the first due engines for the Pentagon during its seven year life with ACFD. Some of the firefighters who served on this truck were on the scene of the Pentagon during the September 11th attacks. After being purchased, this truck was transported to Nova Scotia and was refurbished at Lantz Truck Body, Port Williams (NS). It was put into service as Pumper 1 and to this day the "ACFD Operation Noble Eagle" decal remains on the truck as a reminder of those who served on 9/11.


  • 1050 GPM pump / 625 gallon tank
  • Carries a crew of 6 / 5 self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • Thermal imaging camera (TIC)
  • 8,000 watt hydraulic generator with scene lighting
  • Full complement of structural firefighting equipment
  • Full complement of medical first response equipment & AED

Engine 12

Purchased new in 2015, this 2014 Freightliner/Dependable ERV Engine/Tanker was purchased by the Town of Bridgetown and delivered on March 29th 2015, with the Town dissolving on March 31st 2015. This truck was produced in Brampton, On, Canada prior to being delivered to Bridgetown


  • 1050 GPM pump / 1250 gallon tank
  • Carries a crew or 5 / 4 self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • 3500 watt portable generator / 12v scene lighting
  • Thermal imaging camera (TIC)
  • Portable dump tank
  • Rear swivel dump valve
  • Full complement of structural firefighting equipment
  • Equipped for wild land firefighting

Tanker 21

Purchased new in 2017, this Freightliner Dependable tanker was a demo and was modified by the membership to meet the needs of the Bridgetown Volunteer Fire Department. It was built at US Tanker in the USA and modified in Brampton On at Dependable. This is the first tandem axle truck ever purchased by the department


  • 2500 gallon tank / 1250 GPM pump
  • Carries a crew of 2
  • 2500 gallon port-a-tank
  • 18 HP Honda powered portable pump

Rescue 31

Purchased in 2006, this 2006 GMC 5500/Lantz truck body is a 4 wheel drive, light "walk-around" rescue. The rescue body was originally built for the department in 1988 At Lantz Truck Body, Port Williams(NS). The body was previously mounted to a 1988 Dodge 1-ton chassis. In 2006 it was modified, refurbished and remounted to the GMC chassis by the original manufacturer. The re-use of the body presented us with a "new" truck at considerable cost savings to the department.


  • Full complement of vehicle extrication tools Including the "Jaws-of-Life"
  • Carries a crew of 5 / 4 self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • Full complement of medical first response equipment & AED
  • Various other rescue equipment
  • 5,000 Watt Honda generator with scene lighting
  • 3 bottle breathing apparatus refilling station (cascade system)
  • Secondary tow vehicle for Gator #52

Utility 51

Purchased new in 2009, this 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 was purchased by the BVFD society through fundraising efforts and was outfitted with funds from a local business donation. This vehicle is used for emergency calls and administrative purposes. The vehicle is available for members to use while attending training and meetings. In the past thousands of kilometres were put on personal vehicles to attend these functions.


  • Personnel carrier
  • Traffic control equipment
  • Carries a crew of 5
  • Primary tow vehicle for Gator #52

Gator 52

Purchased new in 2008, this John Deere Gator 620i was purchased by the BVFD society through fundraising efforts. It was purchased as a dual purpose vehicle, being a wild land firefighting tool and off road rescue vehicle. Since its purchase the Gator has proven invaluable in off-road rescues and wild land firefighting efforts.


  • Off-road rescue capabilities including a MED-BED
  • Wild land firefighting equipment
  • In wild land configuration It can carry 60 gallons of water
  • In rescue configuration it can carry a fully immobilized patient