BVFD 100 Club Draw


Since the Early 2000's, Every Year the Bridgetown Volunteer Fire Department has been given away $6000 ($1000 per Draw Night) in prizes to Club 100 ticket holders.

Fundraising efforts like this have allowed us to purchase items such as

      • Pagers - Issued to Firefighters so they may be notified when there is an alarm
      • Vehicle Struts - Used to Stabilize Vehicles that have been involved in an accident.
      • Thermal Imaging Camera - Used to help firefighters see heat and through the smoke in a fire.
      • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus - Air packs that allow us to breath fresh air while in an atmosphere immediacy dangerous to life or health


The Secret is in the Name, 100. When you purchase a ticket ($20 each) for the Draw night you become a member of an exclusive draw where ONLY 100 TICKETS ARE SOLD for each draw night. On the Draw night, numbers are placed in to draw box and 15 separate draws are made for the following prizes.

  • 8 x $25
  • 4 x $50
  • 2 x $100
  • 1 x $400

Total $1000 in Prizes for that evening

But that's not all, Should you number be drawn and you win any one of the prizes listed, Your Number goes back into the draw box and you have a chance to win any of the other prizes

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You can get your tickets the following ways

Now Accepting

Please make the password club100 and include your name and ticket number.

If you are new to Club 100 please email us first to ensure there are tickets available before sending a payment

Email e-transfers to


All Draws Begin at 6:30 at Temple on Queen in Bridgetown on the dates listed below.

February 27th 2020

March 26th 2020

April 30th 2020

May 28th 2020

June 25th 2020

July 30th 2020

You do not have to be present to win.

Minimum age of a Participant is 19 Years of Age. No ticket shall be sold to persons under the Age of 19 and the winner must be 19 Years of Age or older.
The Geographic location of the Lottery is the Province of Nova Scotia and no tickets will be offered for sale outside of Nova Scotia.


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