Bridgetown Volunteer 

Fire Department

The Bridgetown Volunteer Fire Department is located in the beautiful community of Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Set in the Annapolis Valley, Bridgetown is framed by the North Mountain and South Mountain ranges. These mountain ranges are part of the Appalachians and were created by volcanic activity. This led to today's nutrient rich soil ideal for farming and agriculture, one of the main industries in the area today. 

The Bridgetown Volunteer Fire Department protects 640 square kilometres of the Annapolis Valley, which includes approximately 4500 citizens in over 1600 homes, businesses, churches and schools. We respond to an average of 100 emergency calls a year. These calls can include structural fires, wild land fires and motor vehicle collisions. We provide mutual aid to neighbouring departments when requested and respond to medical emergencies when requested by Emergency Health Services.

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

We are true believers that a fire department is nothing without its community. Our members come from the communities we serve.  We are your neighbours, small business owners, technicians, realtors, contractors, labourers and store clerks.  While we come from different backgrounds, we all become volunteer firefighters for one reason; to help our neighbours.

We are always striving to look for members to join the department and train to become firefighters. Check out our Recruitment Section to find out more information about giving back to the community we live in.